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Refurbished HP Z600 Workstation

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1 x Intel Xeon Six Core E5645 CPU 2.40GHz (Total of 6 Cores)

16GB 10600R 1333MHz Memory

1 x 256GB 6G 2.5" Intel SATA Solid State Drive

DVD Drive

nVidia Quadro NVS290 Video Card

30 Day Warranty.


The HP Z600 packs eight-core compute and
visualization power into a small, quiet package—
for the ideal workstation when every inch, watt,
and decibel make a difference.
Innovation that transforms the way you work
The HP Z600’s sleek new industrial design—
brushed aluminum, tool-less access chassis,
integrated handles, and visually cable-less
engineering—creates new standards for ease of
service, lowered acoustics, and energy efficiency.

• Enhance your work area with HP’s quietest
workstation, designed to fit where space is at a

• Minimize power and cooling costs with
ENERGY STAR® qualified configurations
featuring 85% efficient power supplies and an
HP-developed energy-saving feature that helps
lower energy consumption in off mode.

• See, share, and show your work across the
world with the new HP SkyRoom collaboration
solution, which combines real-time 3D graphics
sharing and video conferencing


Performance to help you accomplish more every
minute. The HP Z600 is engineered to optimize the way
processor, memory, graphics, OS and software
technology work together to deliver massive,
whole-system computational power.

• Tackle bigger problems faster and process
more tasks and threads in parallel with the new
Intel® QuickPath Technology and new Intel®
Xeon® processors1 with integrated memory

• Get maximum I/O bandwidth and
expandability from a range of Gen2 PCI
Express slots and optical drives and up to 5
storage bays

• Choose the simplified HP Installer Kit for
Linux installation or a breadth of Microsoft®
Windows® selections

• Drive up to 8 displays with new dual graphics
support and the latest NVIDIA and ATI graphics
Reliable and legendary confidence-inspiring

• Close relationships with ISVs help ensure full
certification for your applications

• In-depth testing and quality assurance keep you
productively up-and-running

• HP Performance Tuning Framework helps ease
configuration and updates and maximize a
range of applications

• Comprehensive, lifetime HP Total Care options
provide personal attention, convenient tools,
and reliable service